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Medical experts harp on medication, caution breastfeeding mothers during Ramadan



Medical experts harp on medication, caution breastfeeding mothers during Ramadan

Medical experts have cautioned patients against rescheduling medication without recourse to their doctors.

They also advised lactating mothers of babies below six months to desist from fasting for the health of their babies.

The medical experts gave the advice on Wednesday in Zaria during a Pre-Ramadan Lecture organised by the Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria (IMAN), Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) and Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH) Branch.

Prof. Abdullahi Randawa, Consultant Obstetrics and Gynaecologist, ABUTH, said babies depended on their mothers for their survival after delivery.

“If such mother fast, she would not produce enough milk and the baby would suffer a lot,” he said.

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Randawa, a former Provost, College of Medical Sciences, ABU, discouraged breastfeeding mothers from fasting because the baby may suffer especially if the baby is less than six months.

He added that when a baby was more than six months and was able to eat other food, then mothers could fast.

“I would not discourage a pregnant woman who is healthy from fasting if she has the motivation, but she should consult her physician for an evaluation to ensure that she is healthy,’’ he said.

Randawa noted that the body of a woman has been created to take care of the baby during pregnancy.

He added that babies were blessed with the capacity to participate in their survival while in the womb of the mother, hence, the need for mothers to increase food intake during pregnancy.

He said pregnancy was a condition where the mother, whether she eats or not, the growing baby would make her breakdown her own body store for his or her survival

“So, whether the mother increases her food intake or not, the baby would access her body store for his survival.

“The best thing for her is to eat more so that she and her baby live well and remain healthy.

“Therefore, it is not good for her to stay long without eating (like during Ramadan) it can lead her to suffer some minor illness, lose blood sugar and even become unconscious,’’ he said.

Similarly, Dr Muhammad Yakubu, Consultant Physician, Department of Medicine, ABUTH, cautioned patients against rescheduling treatment and medication without recourse to their doctors.

“It can’t be decided by the patient; some of these drugs work better at the night or in the morning, and some drugs work for a few hours while others work for long houses.

“So, if you take your decision without recourse to a specialist you may find yourself in trouble,’’ he warned.

Yakubu said the Holy Qur’an has exempted Muslims who were sick or traveling from fasting, explaining that the exemption is not a final statement in itself.

He, however, said the sickness referred to in the Holy Qur’an has categories and grades; the people of knowledge had classified the sicknesses, illnesses and injuries for better guidance.

According to him, if the illness will be worsened by fasting or fasting will delay the treatment of illness then in that situation fasting should be kept aside.

Prof. Abdulaziz Hassan, Amir of IMAN, ABU/ABUTH branch, said the association provided pre-Ramadan lectures annually to enlighten the members and neighbouring communities on Ramadan vis-à-vis health issues.

This year, the discourse was on pregnancy, maternal health and how people should take medications during Ramadan.

According to him, the lecture aims at preparing members of the association and the community towards achieving the maximum spiritual and health benefits of Ramadan fasting in a healthy manner.

He, therefore, called on the people to strive harder and up-skill the young ones with the knowledge of both Islamic and western education and use Ramadan period to pray for a prosperous Nigeria.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recalls that the lecture was on the topic Maternal Health and Ramadan Fast’, andHealth and Medications during Ramadan Fast’.

Medical experts harp on medication, caution breastfeeding mothers during Ramadan

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Abuja residents take preventive measures against cholera



Abuja residents take preventive measures against cholera

Abuja residents take preventive measures against cholera

By Anita Uzoagba/Olamide Kuye

Some residents of Federal Capital Territory (FCT) say they are taking measures to avoid contracting cholera which is spreading in different parts of the country.

The residents, who spoke in separate interviews with newsmen on Saturday, said that proper hygiene was now paramount in their everyday life.

Media reports indicate that deaths from cholera outbreak in Lagos State has risen to 24 with 35 confirmed cases.

There also 417 suspected cases in 20 Local Government Areas of the state.

Mr Kunle Ashimi, the Chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) in Ogun State, acknowledged the impact of cholera in 30 states in the country, according to media reports.

The FCT residents told NAN that they were paying extra attention to the sources of food they consume and taking extra measures to keep their environment clean.

Miss Kanayo Gift said she improve on her cleanliness, adding that “I know that cholera is caused by poor sanitation practices, so I ensure that I keep my surroundings clean.

“I dispose my garbage properly, and most importantly, I always make sure I wash my hands regularly.

According to her, she applies hand sanitizer on her hands when she is not at home and unable to wash them.

“I also ensure that my toilet is clean and hygienic”, Gift said.

Mrs Gladys Ohiwere, Assistant Head Mistress, Leadway Schools, said that they had put up safety guidelines for students to protect them from contracting cholera and other communicable diseases.

“We made sure there is tap water flowing around the school environment with soap for washing their hands.

“We also provided sanitizers to use on their hands properly. Whenever a pupil is going to the toilet we ensure a teacher is there to assist them.

“This is to ensure that they use the toilet properly and also make sure that they wash their hands afterwards.

She also told NAN that they strive to ensure that the students did not eat their food with unwashed hands.

Similarly, Mrs Loveth Ezeurike, a teacher at Ariella Ville Academy, said that the school management made sure its environment is clean at all times.

“The classrooms are thoroughly cleaned each day. This includes the student desks and floors. Students are encouraged to always wash their hands after their break time and before entering their respective classrooms.

She added that hand sanitisers have also been provided for every classroom.

“We have also informed parents to ensure their children are in good health before sending them to school” she said.

Malam Bala Musa, a fruit vendor, said usually he washed his fruits once but with the outbreak, he washes them twice with clean water before selling.

“There are some people who are not taking the outbreak of this disease seriously. As for me I will continue to keep my environment clean and maintain hygiene at all times.

I want to keep my customers and myself healthy”, Musa told NAN.

Abuja residents take preventive measures against cholera

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Reps seek free medicare for pregnant women



Reps seek free medicare for pregnant women

Reps seek free medicare for pregnant women

The House of Representatives has urged the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to mandate public healthcare institutions to provide free medical treatment for pregnant women during and after delivery.

The call was sequel to the adoption of a motion by Rep. Mohammed Shehu (PDP-Bauchi) at plenary on Wednesday.

They also urged the ministry to implement routine checks to ensure continuity, compliance by medical personnel, and sustainability of childbirth processes.

Moving the motion, Shehu said that the government established public healthcare institutions to provide medical services to humanity.

He added that drugs were supplied to the institutions and equipped with modern medical facilities and charged with the responsibility of handling healthcare-related matters.

Shehu said though healthcare services were not restricted to pregnant women, efforts to encourage free treatment for expectant mothers have not been fully realised.

He said that giving the fertility statistics in the country, there was need for free medical treatment for pregnant women to boost the country’s fertility rate.

“Nigeria is grappling with high disease rates, resulting in an annual maternal mortality rate of expectant mothers and children due to pregnancy complications and the polio virus.

“Further aware that government requires public healthcare institutions to have medical professionals, give adequate attention to patients, including pregnant women, during childbirth to address complications and find permanent solutions.

“There is a need for the government to prioritise policy actions aimed at improving healthcare delivery systems, particularly for pregnant women, to alleviate their hardships and boost their confidence,” he said.

In his ruling, the Deputy Speaker, Rep. Benjamin Kalu mandated the Committee on Healthcare Services and Healthcare Institutions to liaise with the Minister of Health and Social Welfare to ensure compliance.

The committee is to report back within four weeks for further legislative action.

Reps seek free medicare for pregnant women

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Only 58,000 doctors renewed licence out of 130,000 registered doctors – MDCN




Only 58,000 doctors renewed licence out of 130,000 registered doctors — MDCN

Only 58,000 doctors renewed licence out of 130,000 registered doctors — MDCN

The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) says only 58,000 doctors renewed their annual practice licence out of the 130,000 registered doctors in the country.

The Deputy Registrar of MDCN, Dr Victor Kolawole, disclosed this at the Induction/Oath Taking Ceremony of the 2022/2023 Batch B Medicine and Surgery graduates of the Edo State University, Uzairue, on Friday.

Kolawole said “since inception in 1963, we presently have over 130,000 registered doctors in Nigeria.

“However, as you know because of the increase in migration of doctors out of the country, we have about 58,000 doctors who renewed their annual practice licence in 2023 and they are those that are fit to practice in Nigeria.”

He frowned at the current sydrome of doctors going abroad for greener pasture and appealed to the newly medical graduates to stay back and practice their profession in the country.

He said that “by this induction of 20 new doctors into the health workforce, we hope that other institutions will follow suit even as the government said that the quota should be increased in all our training centres.

“However, the doctors must meet the requirements to earn those increase in quota.

“We will partner them to ensure that they met those requirements and as we try to ensure that, standard must be upheld.”

He dmonished the new medical practitioners to uphold the sanity of the profession and be law abiding, as the council is
mandated to regulate activities of practitioners as well as punish offenders.

In his welcome address, the Vice Chancellor of the institution, Prof. Emmanuel Aluyor, said the institution has facilities to train medical personnel in the country.

Aluyor thanked Gov. Godwin Obaseki “for his unwavering support to the great university and for establishing the university teaching hospital through the conversion of the Central Hospital, Auchi.

“This significant upgrade has enhanced facilities for the training of medical students and uplifted the standard of healthcare services in Edo North and its environs.

“It is noteworthy that Edo State University Teaching Hospital Auchi is the first state-owned teaching hospital in Edo.

“I respectfully urge the state government to sustain efforts toward improving facilities at Edo State University Teaching Hospital, Auchi.

Earlier, the acting Provost, College of Medical Sciences, Dr Kenneth Atoe, said 20 medical graduands from the college are the second Batch B inductees.

Atoe advised the newly qualified medical graduates to uphold the ethical standards of a medical professional.

“You must internalise the values of honesty, integrity and selflessness.

“These virtues are not only essential for building strong doctor-patient relationship, but, are also integral to upholding the ethical standards and trustworthiness expected of a medical professional.

“By embodying these values, doctors not only fulfil their professional obligations, but also contribute to the maintenance of public trust in the medical profession,”Atoe said.

Only 58,000 doctors renewed licence out of 130,000 registered doctors — MDCN

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